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The main reason for using this is because the possibility of degrading the waste in bio-cleanser is up to 99.9%. By the usage of conventional system, leads to ground water contamination and also pollution of resource to the environment. Maintenance is easy, does not depend on any energy source and also it is effluents are odourless.
  • Advantage
  • Main Use
  • Special Features


  • More than 99% of waste is decomposed.
  • Low to moderate capital costs; No operating costs.
  • More than 99% of pathogens are killed and hence it is hygienic and healthy.
  • In conventional toilets only 30% of human waste is degraded and other 70% remains in the septic tank.
  • Completely eliminates need for human intervention for maintenance as no evacuation is required.
  • Prolonged life.

Main Use:

  • Non fillable septic tank.
  • Less space required.
  • Sewage wastage water will not come outside.
  • Blockage can be prevented.
  • Recycled waste water used for growing plants.
  • Mosquito, flies can be prevented.
  • Water born disease will not affect us.

Special Features:

  • The bio tanks made of Bio cements.
  • Fitted with bio-filters.
  • Bio-enzymes to treat human waste.
  • 100% rust free.
  • Safe & hygienic.
  • Tanks made of bio-cements will not be corroded for life long.