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Bio Septic Tank Cleanser

1. Price - Rs.944

2. Brand - Abg Urekha

3. Item Weight - 50 gram

4. About this item (4 lines)

  • 1. Bio Cleanser, a breakthrough technology that cleans out all kinds of organic waste in residential, Commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors.
  • 2. This cleaner is great for creating good microbes
  • 3. Every day, new microbes are added to treat the organic waste.
  • 4. It is genetically modified in a natural form. They are safe and have no risk of further mutation.

5. State of matter

  • Solid


  • Bio Cleanser is Only used in Bio Septic Tanks of Abg Urekha


  • Mix the 50 gram Bio Cleanser in half bucket water.
  • Soak it for half an hour.
  • Pour the Mix in Toilet.
  • Pour again 2 buckets of water.


ABG Urekha's Bio-Septic Cleaner: The Most Economical Solution for All Water Cleaning Needs
ABG Urekha has been the ideal bio septic tank cleaner since 2009. Have you installed any bio septic tanks at your home or on a commercial or industrial site that emit too much odor and clog organic waste, causing your area to become unkempt? If so, use ABG Urekha, a bio septic cleaner that can help you drain out all your clogging waste while also eliminating the odor.

What exactly is "Bio-Cleanser"?

The cleaner is a Septic Tank Bio Cleaner, a breakthrough technology that cleans out all kinds of organic waste in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors. This cleaner is great for creating good microbes; every day, new microbes are added to treat the organic waste. It is genetically modified in a natural form. They are safe and have no risk of further mutation. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified that only microbes such as BioSafety Level 1 are used in the cleaner.


  • The biological oxygen demand (BOD) must be eliminated.
  • The cleaner creates zillions of microbes, and the aeration mixes them evenly.
  • It removes odors and aerates up to 2,500 square meters.
  • It consumes all sludge quickly and uses less than 2.5 HP per unit.
  • moveable to another location for greater coverage.
  • easy to accumulate and operate on-site;
  • It cut the electric bills by 75% compared to other traditional systems..

How does it work?

This clean septic treatment breaks down all unwanted waste, leaves no sludge, and reduces the BOD of treating wastewater. The ABG Urekha Bio Clean Drain Cleaner can recycle wastewater through reverse osmosis and can be useful for irrigation, boiler reuse, cooling towers, and washing water. These Bio Clean septic cleaners are capable of cleaning both TSS and TDS water and reusing it.
The Septic Tank Bio Cleaner method is very effective; only putting a few drops in and leaving it for an hour can give you clear, odorless water that can be used for future needs. Their beneficial microbes aid in the removal of harmful microbes found in wastewater. These septic tank cleanings are connected to existing sewage treatment plants that help convert the wastewater into reusable ones, making them the most economical solution for all water cleaning needs.
The cleaner also produces an efficient amount of oxygen in the water, transferring 3.6 kg of oxygen per hour, enabling the microbes to have a good source of oxygen.

What are the benefits of using ABG Urekha Bio Septic Cleaner?

ABG Urekha offers the best bio septic cleaner at an affordable rate because you can use our bio septic cleaner to make your vicinity clean. Currently, millions and trillions of pounds of visibly and invisibly poisoning chemicals and toxins are used in septic tanks, and the best way to get rid of these visibly and invisibly poisoning chemicals and toxins is to use a septic tank cleaner.
The ABG Urekha Bio Septic Cleaner is designed with highly effective plant-based, biodegradable, and sustainable surfactants, which can enable the area to be cleaned more safely!
We have a highly skilled team that has developed many effective plant-based surfactants to reduce the unnecessary use of chemical and caustic-based cleaners while striving to better maintain and exceed expected levels of efficacy. and one of them is Bio Clean Drain Cleaner.
  • Cost Affordable.
  • easy to use.
  • Remove odors with 100% efficiency, unclog drainage systems, and clean your septic tank.
  • Free shipping and delivery.
  • Gray, Visa, and debit are all methods for transferring cash.
  • excellent upkeep and is chemical-free with no negative side effects.

The main reason for using this is because the possibility of degrading the waste in bio-cleanser is up to 99.9%. By the usage of conventional system, leads to ground water contamination and also pollution of resource to the environment. Maintenance is easy, does not depend on any energy source and also it is effluents are odourless.
  • Advantage
  • Main Use
  • Special Features


  • More than 99% of waste is decomposed.
  • Low to moderate capital costs; No operating costs.
  • More than 99% of pathogens are killed and hence it is hygienic and healthy.
  • In conventional toilets only 30% of human waste is degraded and other 70% remains in the septic tank.
  • Completely eliminates need for human intervention for maintenance as no evacuation is required.
  • Prolonged life.

Main Use:

  • Non fillable septic tank.
  • Less space required.
  • Sewage wastage water will not come outside.
  • Blockage can be prevented.
  • Recycled waste water used for growing plants.
  • Mosquito, flies can be prevented.
  • Water born disease will not affect us.

Special Features:

  • The bio tanks made of Bio cements.
  • Fitted with bio-filters.
  • Bio-enzymes to treat human waste.
  • 100% rust free.
  • Safe & hygienic.
  • Tanks made of bio-cements will not be corroded for life long.