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Biological Filter Septic Tank

Biological Filter Septic Tank and Biogreen Septic Tank are the ultra-modern advanced of treating wastewater flowing from the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors, to make the environment clean, for storing human waste there is a need for Bio Cycle Septic System. ABG Urekha offers Bio Cycle Septic System is highly durable for wastewater management solutions, cost-affordable, and easy to install and maintain.

Usage Area

You can use our Bioseptic Tanks: -

  • Schools, Colleges, and Institutions
  • Residential Apartments
  • Individual Homes
  • Contamination of mosquitoes and cockroaches is prevented.
  • Hospitality centres
  • Commercial Centers


Even in the era of modernization and urbanization, people who built new homes still face a critical crisis when it comes to Septic tanks. To put a pause on this crisis, the Government of India put forth a strategy for preserving and raising the groundwater level by installing Septic tanks in each individual’s house. That can revise and conserve the amount of water being used on a day-to-day basis. Thus, installing these Biological Filter Septic Tanks can be the one-stop solution for solving this major crisis

Why ABG Urekha Biological Filter Septic Tanks?

  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE; - Non filling Bio - Septic tanks are efficient in converting wastewater to be reusable without any odor.
  • NO LEAKAGE / BLOCKAGE; - Say goodbye to the clogged or brimming septic tanks by installing Bio Septic tanks and save your money from the sewage tankers to be cleaned monthly.
  • SAVES GROUNDWATER: - Efficient use of recycled water increases the groundwater levels,
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE; Bio Septic tanks are highly durable, affordable in price, and require less maintenance throughout the years.

Advantages of our Biological Filter Septic Tanks

  • Highly strong non-fillable septic tanks
  • Compact tanks - cost-effective and can be installed in only a small area
  • No outflow or outbreak of wastewater
  • No clogging of soak pits
  • Low maintenance, does not need any sewage-clearing vehicles
  • Recycled water can be used as manure for in-house vegetation or ornamental plantations
  • Prevention of Mosquito breeding – Say goodbye to the spread of deadly mosquito-based diseases
You can call us for installation & Consultation we are there to help you! As per the area our Bio septic tanks are perfectly suited for all types of sectors from small individual homes to large-scale industries. We offer Installing Bio septic tanks that are only the one-stop solution for the water crisis.
We offer the Bio Cycle Septic System depending on the amount of water consumption that occurs in the respective sector. Our installation process is done within a span of 1 or 2 days.
Our Bio Cycle Septic System has zero maintenance for a lifetime. You can recycle the wastewater and can use it for other purposes like irrigation, cleaning clothes, etc. You can save time and money spending on sewage collectors and leakage/blockage fixations.
If you are searching for the Bio Cycle Septic System for residential and commercial use, we are here to give you the best Nonfilling Bio - Septic tanks that can suit all your needs and preserve your wastewater management, we can give you reusable water source cleaning up all the waste materials from the water. You can use it for your multi purposes work. Keep your environment clean by using our Non filling Bio - Septic tanks that are biodegradable in feature.
Bio cement product which is a distinctive manufacturer of an extensive range of Non-filling septic tank, Bio Cleanser, Non-filling waste water tank, water pump. We have been servicing in this field for more than 10 years. We have gained a good name and depth knowledge to deliver the products as per the requirements of the clients and customers. Our team has well skilled and experienced labours who have the capabilities to make use of exact quality materials in our products.
  • Advantage
  • Main Use
  • Special Features


  • Never Overflows
  • Ground water pollution is prevented.
  • No need to take the waste water by using septic tank cleaner.
  • Contamination of mosquitoes and cockroaches is prevented.
  • There is no need of allocating special space for installing Bioseptic Tank.
  • Free from odour.
  • Short time is required to set up the bio tank.
  • Satisfying customers with an unexpected low price.

Main Use:

  • Non fillable septic tank.
  • Less space required.
  • Sewage wastage water will not come outside.
  • Blockage can be prevented.
  • Recycled waste water used for growing plants.
  • Mosquito, flies can be prevented.
  • Water born disease will not affect us.

Special Features:

  • The bio tanks made of Bio cements.
  • Fitted with bio-filters.
  • Bio-enzymes to treat human waste.
  • 100% rust free.
  • Safe & hygienic.
  • Tanks made of bio-cements will not be corroded for life long.