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Bio Septic Tank

Bio cement product which is a distinctive manufacturer of an extensive range of Non-filling septic tank, Bio Cleanser, Non-filling waste water tank, water pump. We have been servicing in this field for more than 10 years. We have gained a good name and depth knowledge to deliver the products as per the requirements of the clients and customers. Our team has well skilled and experienced labours who have the capabilities to make use of exact quality materials in our products.
  • Advantage
  • Main Use
  • Special Features


  • Never Overflows
  • Ground water pollution is prevented.
  • No need to take the waste water by using septic tank cleaner.
  • Contamination of mosquitoes and cockroaches is prevented.
  • There is no need of allocating special space for installing Bioseptic Tank.
  • Free from odour.
  • Short time is required to set up the bio tank.
  • Satisfying customers with an unexpected low price.

Main Use:

  • Non fillable septic tank.
  • Less space required.
  • Sewage wastage water will not come outside.
  • Blockage can be prevented.
  • Recycled waste water used for growing plants.
  • Mosquito, flies can be prevented.
  • Water born disease will not affect us.

Special Features:

  • The bio tanks made of Bio cements.
  • Fitted with bio-filters.
  • Bio-enzymes to treat human waste.
  • 100% rust free.
  • Safe & hygienic.
  • Tanks made of bio-cements will not be corroded for life long.